LK Devereux - Illustrations & Artwork

L.K. Devereux was born and raised in Lincolnshire.  She is a self-taught artist and gained a great deal of her early love of drawing from her grandfather, who was an accomplished amateur draughtsman and heraldic illustrator.  Childhood stories were not simply read but drawn and the many folk tales, along with Sunday trips to various churches, old houses or any remote location in the county, inspired a fascination with all things ancient, mysterious and unpeopled.

Her work derives much of its drama from a love of classic pen & ink illustration.  Expressive line work combined with an atmospheric tonality and sumptuous ink colouring gives the art an ethereal quality.

The vast, sweeping vistas of her home county of rural Lincolnshire and the rolling Wolds landscape, with its wealth of medieval churches, magnificent historic sites and rich folkloric tradition, have been and continue to be an endless source of inspiration. 

View a Gallery of some of her current work here on this website. 

Please contact me should you be interested in commissioning work or be interested in purchasing one of my pieces. Prints are also available for most images displayed on this website. All artwork, original or in print form is sold as mounted but unframed.